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To be the Twin Cities most trusted and valued plumbing professionals. To deliver superior service, while upholding our core values.




Whether we are talking about the lakes, the rivers, the oceans
or our very own homes, it is up to us to protect and preserve our safe water supply.

Our customers say it best!

Great work, clean up and instructions provided in a professional manner.
18:42 15 Feb 22
Pure Plumbing did a beautiful job replacing an old leaky faucet on my laundry tub. Very professional and reasonable price 👏
Jane Menne
Jane Menne
17:40 20 Jan 22
We are repeat customers & will definitely call Pure Plumbing, again, for any future needs. Will & team do a fantastic job. Great service, highly recommend.
Kathie Sunwall
Kathie Sunwall
23:24 18 Jan 22
Responds quickly through call and texts. Will fix only the thing that needs to be fixed. Unlike the other company that suggested replacing everything.
Elmer Herrera
Elmer Herrera
13:55 28 Sep 21
We had an old concrete slop sink removed and replaced with a smaller, fiberglass one. Needed removal of galvanized piping and replaced with the new flexible piping. Excellent quality work overall. Even cleaned up the mess made dismantling the old concrete sink. Texted when he was running late which I appreciated. Took a little longer to get back to me when we were setting things up, but then again this wasn't an urgent job. I would definitely use again.
Mark DelCogliano
Mark DelCogliano
16:18 15 May 21
I had previously moved my kitchen sink and my updates were not up to code. Will came out and fixed everything (running a new drain and vent line) for us. He did great work and the cost was very reasonable. I'm very happy with the work and would highly recommend!
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson
20:49 19 Apr 21
A terrific plumber who was prompt, efficient and left us with quality work that he stands behind! I highly recommend Will and his team to anyone needing a knowledgeable plumber.
Brad VanderVegt
Brad VanderVegt
20:37 19 Feb 21
Will and Pure Plumbing are the best! Will knew my goal was to replace my old failing hot water heater with one that reduced my electrical bill. He brought to me the idea of a hybrid hot water heater which I had never heard of. Will's work is excellent, clean and fair! He was available to ask questions. I will recommend Will and Pure Plumbing to all my friends and anyone in need of plumbing. They will get great craftsmanship, fair prices and excellent service!
Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger
15:01 14 Sep 20
We received excellent service from Will - will definitely use them again. Work was neat & fast.
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper
15:26 12 Sep 20
Will was very professional, informative and courteous, and did great work for a good value. He was on time and installed a special-order size water heater for our space. Also helped with a few other small fixes while he was here. Great work and highly recommend!
Sara T
Sara T
23:49 01 Sep 20
Pure Plumbing was as good as advertised in these comments. Will was great! He let me know when he was arriving and showed up on time. He also showed me exactly what was causing my plumbing issue, how he was going to fix it, and took care of it quickly.I will definitely be using Pure Plumbing for any future plumbing needs.
David Fleischman
David Fleischman
21:13 11 Aug 20
Will from Pure Plumbing came over on short notice to repair and add shut off gas valve for our new gas range. He was very personable, and very professional. He answered my (probably dumb 😂) questions. Saved me a lot of money from other Plumbers I checked with. Finished the job fast. He cleaned up the area better than how it looked before he got here. Gave me instructions on how to hook up the new Oven and told me to call him if I had any trouble. I will use Pure Plumbing again and definitely recommend Pure Plumbing to my friends and family. Thank you Will.
Eddie Whaley
Eddie Whaley
17:28 11 Aug 20
Connecting with them was very easy. Will helped me immediately with fixing my water heater issue. He was a professional and provided excellent customer service. If you have any heating or plumbing issue, please give them a chance. Thank you again! A+
Roger Hanson
Roger Hanson
19:10 07 Aug 20
I cannot recommend Pure Plumbing enough. We had a dishwasher installed and Will's attention to detail was top notch. He was very friendly and professional. We will definitely be calling when we replace our hot water lines. There is a reason Pure Plumbing has so many 5 star reviews, don't look any farther, call now!!!
Jeremy McClung
Jeremy McClung
15:20 29 Jul 20
I was given Will and Pure Plumbing’s name through a friend. Will and John came out and worked on a few projects at my house. They were great! They were friendly and professional! The work they did is great quality, good pricing, and they communicated well what they were doing. I will definitely continue to use them for any of my plumbing needs!! Highly recommended!
Lauren Bakke
Lauren Bakke
15:17 28 Jul 20
My family's experience with Pure Plumbing is amazing. I live in a different state and I help manage my non-English senior parent's condo unit. The 65+ condo complex have many rules and regulations and Pure Plumbing was able to show all evidence to their liking and now they are our go-to plumbing! Not to mention that they are so nice to my parents when I'm not around and every time, they are okay with the fact that my parents do not speak English. To my surprise, I was actually turned away by other plumbers because (1) condo regulations and (2) having a language barrier. I'm very happy with how Will communicates with us. He is very timely, nice, and politely. It is very helpful and useful for us to talk to him. My parents really like the work he does too. He seems to understand our exact needs and will do his best. He is very professional. There were no complaints about the condo regulations and he provided everything that they asked for. I would 100% recommend Pure Plumbing and Will to the world.
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen
03:44 18 Jul 20
I called today and fully expected that these plumbers would be booked out into August, as all the other plumbers I called are. Fortunately for me, they had a cancellation! I talked to Will and he gave me a general time they'd arrive, and would text first. They did and arrived on time. They quickly figured out the problem with our kitchen faucet, replaced parts and now it works great! Thank you! Reasonably priced too. I will definitely call again for the next plumbing issue.
Nancy Hovland
Nancy Hovland
21:04 15 Jul 20
Great service at a great price. This company is all about giving customers flexibility, while ensuring they get high-quality products and a final product they love! I would definitely work with this team and recommend them to anyone looking to update their bath, sink, faucets, etc!
Myriah Westrum
Myriah Westrum
20:24 26 Jan 20
Quick response, very helpful, clear and fair pricing. Will and Dustin were so friendly! Will talked us through whether it was an emergency issue or not and was very honest. They did very thorough work and a great clean-up job.
Missy Keveles
Missy Keveles
23:49 25 Oct 19
Will and his team are the best! He has worked on our two bathrooms, our laundry room, and our kitchen. The work is first rate, the fixtures he used are the best, and he’s reasonably priced. Plus, Pure Plumbing responds quickly. We’ll use them again whenever we need plumbing work because they’re the best!
John W. Martens
John W. Martens
22:27 25 Oct 19
I had a pipe burst over the winter and Will and his associate at Pure Plumbing took care of the issue. I have new water lines and a new shutoff valve. The work was done with integrity and was completed swiftly. I would use Pure Plumbing for all of my home issues. Highly recommend their work.
Desmond Walker
Desmond Walker
14:10 25 Oct 19
Pure Plumbing fit me into their schedule within days, which I guess isn't the norm, but it sure did work out great. Dustin, the plumber, came over to fix a leaky outdoor faucet. He did so quickly, professionally - and at a fair price, I'd say. Dustin was professional, patient and knowledgeable. He came prepared. He did the job well. No mess, no surprises. Afterward, he walked me through the job and the new setup. All helpful. I'd call Pure Plumbing again - *when the need arises.
Alec Olson
Alec Olson
12:07 24 Oct 19
Will was reachable at first call and got me scheduled quickly when other plumbers left me hanging with no return calls. Dustin was friendly and got the job done in anticipated time. He worked neatly and cleaned up well after service. Happy with service today despite the rain.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee
15:03 21 Oct 19
We have dealt with many plumbers over the years and Will is the most personable guy we've had the pleasure to do business with! Better yet, he is as knowledgeable as he is friendly! Prices are reasonable too. He also likes our little dogs! So be assured, you can count on Will.
Rita Hussman
Rita Hussman
17:51 05 Aug 19

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Our highly trained technicians are ready to serve you with any of your plumbing needs.



Tip: The warranty from the toilet manufacturer is voided if tablets are put in the water tank. Don’t do it!

Did you know? If your toilet is running, you are not only wasting water, you are increasing your water bill! Pure Plumbing can save you money and stop your leak!

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Adjust water to create the perfect flush
  • Clear blocked toilets
  • Rebuild all makes and models of toilets (shutoff and supply line replacement)
  • Replace (We install all brands)

Whether you need your old toilet serviced or a new toilet installed, let us help you today!



Tip: Install a lint trap screen on your washing machine discharge hose to prevent clogged drains.

Did you know? You should change supply lines to you washing machine yearly to prevent leaks!

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Update existing water shut-offs and drain setup
  • Install new washer and dryer
  • Install new washer box in an existing washing machine
  • Vent and hook up gas/electric dryer
  • Repair or replace laundry tub faucet
  • Install new laundry tub

If your washing machine or dryer are taking too long to get the job done, call us to help you get a better, more efficient system!



Tip: If a tap is dripping, get help! The cost of dripping water can add up fast.

Did you know?  Pure Plumbing will install any sink you want! In the kitchen, some of the most popular sinks are farmhouse, single bowl, or double bowl. In the bathroom, popular sinks are pounded copper, concrete, glass and porcelain.

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Install new faucets
  • Fix dripping faucets
  • Install new sinks
  • Fix leaks above and below the sink

If your sink or faucet needs to be serviced, call us!



Tip: Minimize the amount of food scraps that are put down the kitchen drain to prevent clogs.

Did you know? Our plumbers cannot only unclog your drains, but give you tips on how to keep your drains clear!

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Unclog minor blocks in kitchens, bathtubs, floor drains and laundry tubs
  • Repair corroded drains
  • Correct existing piping to prevent future blockage

We can handle it all! We inform homeowners of the problems and make sure they don’t happen again.



Tip: Don’t waste water by letting the shower run if you are not in it.

Did you know? The average American uses 18 gallons of water per shower.

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Provide full renovations to your tub or shower
  • Repair current tub, shower and/or faucet
  • Make sure every job is done right the first time
  • Provide clean and comfortable bathing spaces

We are here to help with all your plumbing needs!

Leaking Pipes


Tip: Leaks hide themselves well. Look for sheet rock bubbling, discoloring, increased water bill, water spots; sagging floors, odor and damp spots.

Did you know? A leaking pipe is a serious problem and needs to be fixed! Left unaddressed it can cause major problems to your home!

Pure Plumbing can

  • Accurately diagnose the source of the leak
  • Repair it promptly

If you have a leak let the professionals at Pure Plumbing fix it! We keep our workspace clean to ease your convenience & peace of mind at this stressful time.

Water Softener


Tip: Soft water is easy on your plumbing systems and increases the longevity of faucets and water heaters.

Did you know? The quality of softeners can vary greatly between manufacturers.

Pure Plumbing can

  • Condition the water to give you softer skin, smoother hair and cleaner dishes
  • Reduce mineral deposits in your water by selecting the right unit for your home or buisness
  • Educate you on how a reverse osmosis (RO) system can replace your bottled water consumption
  • Find a unit or system that fits your budget

Have a professional at Pure Plumbing install a water softener or filtered water system today!

Water Heaters


Tip: We depend on hot water. Prevention is key to a steady hot water supply. Let us inspect your heater today!

Did you know? There are a number of signs your water heater may have a problem:

  • Loud noises
  • Water gathered on floor around tank
  • Water not warming
  • Water too hot
  • Cold and hot water mixing

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Repair and maintain existing units
  • Provide and install gravity, power-vent, electric or on demand water heaters
  • Help you decide whether to service your existing unit or assist in choosing the right unit for your home

If your water heater needs a simple tune-up or a complete replacement, the professionals at Pure Plumbing are here to help!

Sump Pump


Tip: Test your sump pump monthly to ensure it is in proper working order.

Did you know? Sump pump failures can cause major damage to your home!

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Help you decide what pump and assembly is best for you
  • Install the correct sump pump for your home or business

The professionals at Pure Plumbing are here to help!

Gas Pipes


Tip: If you smell gas, leave your home and call 911!

Did you know? Certified professionals make every gas job safe!

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Properly install all gas appliances
  • Install small and large scale gas piping

Pure plumbing is here to help with all your gas piping needs!

Thawing Pipes


Tip: Water lines will freeze in Minnesota winters! Exterior faucets need to be winterized.

Did you know? Some common water pipe problems are pinhole leaks and restricted flow.

Pure Plumbing can:

  • Repair or replace water piping
  • Run water lines to plumbing fixtures, outdoor features, irrigation lines and outdoor water falls
  • Install correct size piping to provide adequate water supply to each fixture

No matter where you need water supplied, our team of dedicated plumbing professionals will make lasting and safe connections!

24hr Emergency Service


We understand plumbing issues can happen at any hour. That’s why we are here for you!

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you!


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